Squeak Photography specialises in contemporary family and childrens portraiture. Holly is a mother of two with a relaxing temperament that puts her clients at ease in front of the camera. Her warm personality and experience, gives families the confidence to relax, and look and feel great. The images have an energy and playfulness to them, which captures the mesmerising beauty of childhood.


Natural and spontaneous. Holly aims to photograph her subject with a fresh and entrancing expression that captures their true personality. Holly prefers the use of natural light, such as daybreak, filtered light or even stormy skies. Lots of colour, lots of laughter and heaps of fun is the aim of the sessionā€¦ kids being kids is what we love.

FROM OUR PHOTOGRAPHER... My name is Holly Elsworth, and I am a photographer based in Sydney. My passion is art music and photography. I specialise in childrens portraiture, from maternity and newborns to kids of all ages. I love a vibrant and high spirited photograph, that shows the essence of what it means to be a carefree child. For each assignment, my aim is to create a unique and mesmerising image you will treasure forever. After I had my first baby, Indy, I began to illustrate her every glance with photographs, and soon recognised my delight in photographing small peopleā€¦ their spontaneity and unpredictability is always surprising and definitely challenging. I am always so inspired by the love of a new mother with her baby, and capturing that unique bond is what I strive to do. I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I love, and still spend time with my two beautiful children and meet all the wonderful families I get to work with.