The shoot usually lasts around 1-2 hours, and the kids are laughing and playing… the idea is to make it fun for everyone. Typically some kids will “ham” it up for the camera, while other kids will be more shy or reserved… by making the session like playtime all kids will naturally relax and be distracted from the presence of the camera. If every one is still having fun, Holly will keep shooting.

Holly will give you a selection of locations to shoot at... whether it is a beach look or parkside greenery, Holly knows the best locations to get great results.

If you are hoping for an outdoor session and the morning doesn’t suit, just prior to sunset can also produce beautiful light.


For those cosy and serene sleeping photos, the ideal time to book the session is in within the baby’s first 2 weeks of life.


Newborns look divine in their birthday suit. Bare skin is hard to beat… they look so soft and precious and because they are so small, we want to see as much of them as possible.

For older kids, both neutral colours and bold colours can photograph well. It’s best to have an option for both so we can decide on the day. Avoid any logos or busy patterns. Think simple and timeless. For mum and dad, make sure all your clothes complement each other and think of the outfits as a whole, keeping colours uniform. Bring a few options if you are unsure.

To give the shot a bit of originality, accessories like hats, boots and scarves can be lots of fun. Holly loves a crazy clothing combination on kids… its the one time in your life when you actually look very cute wearing a ridiculous mismatched outfit. So for a shot or two, let the kids dress themselves…. it definitely makes for an amusing photo (and they are usually our favourites!).


The best time to photograph a belly is around the 6 month mark. If you can still get into your old jeans (undone of course), then they can look great folded down low to show off your beautiful profile. Otherwise black pants or a long fitted skirt, anything that shows off your figure. A plain coloured singlet, either short or long also looks great.